Presentation :

Enjoy a different evening Chez Ali, the most famous restaurant in all of Morocco, where riders, musicians, dancers and powders meet every night in this fantastic show.

Chez Ali is a constant show, where countless musical groups animate the reception every evening, before dinner and during, since all pass by the different tables. The show "Fantasia", also called "powder game" encountered in scene of many riders shooting at the same time, transmitting a feeling of unity to the spectator.


restaurant details:
- Chez Ali's dinner show is all of these things. Magical, grand, authentic,
- Dancers, musicians, acrobats, horsemen and magicians live their passions there with enthusiasm, pleasure and communicative joy.

Location: The restaurant 20 minutes from the medina is located in the heart of the palm grove.
Capacity: the complex can accommodate up to 3,000 people, Alone, with family or friends,