20 euro


The spa:
A spa is a place where mineral-rich spring water (and sometimes seawater) is used to give medicinal baths. Spas or spas (including spas) usually offer a variety of health treatments, also called balneotherapy. The belief in the healing power of mineral waters dates back to prehistoric times. These practices have been popular worldwide, but are particularly prevalent in Europe and Japan. Day spas are also very popular and offer various personal care treatments that you can also find in our body and mind therapy center.

The Hammam:
The hammam consists in eliminating the dead keratinized skin cells located on the surface of the skin. Exfoliation makes the skin smoother and fresher and facilitates the penetration of facial products, such as serums, into the surface of the skin. It is an important part of facial and body treatments. However, exfoliation is a double-edged sword. It is easy to exaggerate facial exfoliation, especially at home with excessive tribute and inexpensive products like apricot kernel scrubs. The skin of the rest of your body can undergo more vigorous exfoliation, frequently .

center hammam: hammam scrub with black soap + champoing + soaping: 200dh

Berber hammam: hammam scrub with argan black soap + ghassoul body wrap with seven plants + soaping: 250dh

royal hammam: hammam scrub with argan black soap + championg + soaping + full mask of ghassoulaux natural product + foot care + modzlage with essential oils: 300dh

massage: relaxing massaging: 30mn 250dh / 1h- 350dh

tonik massage: 30mn 300dh / 1h 400dh

back massage: 200dh

4 course massage: 1h- 500dh / foot massage: 30min 200dh

spa & hairstyle: packs: hammam scrub + 1h relaxing massage + body care with dark chocolates. 550dh

packs: royal hammam + 1h relaxing massage + traditional facial treatment + foot treatment + hand treatment: 800dh